Ankle Length Girdle with High-Back

A Daily-Wear Compression Garment built for every woman.

FeelWell’s tailor-made, Ankle Length Compression Girdle with a High-Back is designed to help women of all sizes and BMIs find freedom and regain mobility during their weight loss journey. These garments are scientifically proven to help reduce excess skin while remaining durable and comfortable.

Each of our Ankle Length Compression Girdle with a High-Back garments are custom-built for your specific needs and are recommended by over 2,000 medical professionals.

  • Created to be comfortable and easy to wear under everyday clothes.
  • Able to fit every body size and type
  • Built to be durable and comfortable
  • Abdominal support belt
  • Hook and Eye closure to maintain compression
  • Durable zipper
  • Crotch opening for easy access



*includes measuring session & fitting test

Customized for Your Needs

Each of our customers has unique needs, and we offer a number of customizable features to meet them.
Abdominal support belt

Used to increase abdominal support. Recommended for patients with lower back pain.

Hook and Eye Closure

Allows patients to maintain compression levels while they lose weight.


Garments can be designed with or without zippers. .

Crotch opening

Add an opening to make accessing the crotch area easier.

Crafted to last

Our fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking while offering optimal compression.