About Us

FeelWell provides custom compression garment solutions for those struggling with obesity and recovering from bariatric surgery. We aim to help our customers restore their confidence, elevate their daily comfort, and assist them on their journey to achieving a happier, healthier life.

Our garments are medically proven and we work with over 2,000 surgeons, doctors, dieticians, endocrinologists, and weight loss specialists around the globe to provide our customers with a superior product that improves their quality of life every day.

Why us?

Our fitting specialists undergo three weeks of specialized training, where they measure over one hundred people of varying shapes and sizes. When you order a garment from FeelWell, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. We call it the FeelWell Difference.


Our mission & vision

To provide innovations to all people suffering from obesity around the world. To develop and  to promote solutions to improve their daily life. Our mission is to give them confidence and self-esteem back, to ease their daily pains, and to help them find a path to a better life.