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I was 39 years old and suffering from morbid obesity, I underwent two bariatric surgeries in 20 years: first, a gastral band in 2001 and a second emergency surgery in 2010. In all, I lost 100 pounds and had all the back and skin problems associated with that.

As a member of my local Obesity Association, I met FeelWell this year and was presented with their garments. I would have liked to meet them before! I underwent a tummy tuck, I used another brand’s compression garments. The abdominal binder used at the time of my surgery was too compressive and injured me. The crotch area on the previous brand’s garments was too wide and square, it cut thte inside of my thighs. Their fabrics were rigid, which prevented simple movements and they were ugly... In short, I saw only drawbacks. I still suffer from excess skin and my upper abdominal wall has been weakened. My activities as an association president, mother, wife, and sportswoman are complicated every day. My intestines being less supported caused adhesions and twists which, as you can imagine, is very painful.

The solution? I changed my compression garments and bought FeelWell. I chose two models while waiting for corrective surgery to remedy my problem. One lightweight garment in black mesh, which covers the whole back, has three sets of hooks-and-eyes, and an additional abdominal support belt.

The garment is extremely comfortable for physical activity. The size of the notches and clasps allows me to move seamlessly without discomfort and without injuring myself. The mesh is very flexible and breathable. The back and shoulders offer incredible support, which enables me to maintain good posture and avoid injury. I highly recommend this garment! It also washes very easily.

My second garment is shorter and backless with shoulder straps. It is made of a very soft, silky fabric, tightly knit for support. It has a hook-and-eye closure system on the side and a velcro crotch. It is well suited to exercise. It is soft, silky, and available in many colors, just like the other. I chose the brown color. My garment stays on and supports my body without me feeling guilty. I like that this model is very feminine in brown. It is very discreet under a dress or tight clothing, even with the back support belt.

All you have to do to get them is contact FeelWell, who will direct you to a measurement center where you will have your appointment. Then, they handle the rest. The fitting specialist will take your measurements, explain how to set it up and put it on, and how to care for the garment. Two weeks after your appointment, you will be contacted again to pick it up, try it on, and make sure it fits.

As a president of my local obesity association and a frequent wearer of FeelWell garments, I highly recommend them!


I wear my custom-made FeelWell garment from morning till night. It perfectly supports my stomach and thighs because of my excess skin and abdominal plate due to herniation.

It allows me to do certain movements that I could not do before, and be able to work and move without constraint.


I first discovered FeelWell about a year ago.

At first, I was skeptical about the effectiveness and usefulness of such a device and I even had a certain apprehension about what, in my opinion, could become very uncomfortable.

But my weight loss with distended skin and my persistent back pain convinced me to try FeelWell abdominal garments, which are made-to-measure and take into account my unique body type.

Over the last few months of wearing it, my movements have felt lighter and my back pain has been relieved by a lot. I bought two different types of garments.

Now, I never leave home without them! I highly recommend them.

More Testimonials


I have the FeelWell garment with the skirt. I did not have bariatric surgery. I had problems with other garments I tried because they did not fit my bust properly. With the FeelWell garment, because it was made to my exact measurements, it fits me perfectly and offers far better support. Now my chest doesn’t hurt anymore. Plus, it supports my tummy which has reduced my pain and improved my physical activity. I have had the garment three years now, and I would order it again in a heartbeat!


I have been wearing the FeelWell abdominal garments since I had a bypass four years ago. Even as I’ve lost weight, the belt still fits. The fact that it is custom-made is important because it has maintained its fit and support over the years. The garment also works wonders for my physical activity. My movements are more fluid, less painful, and it is not too warm. I also used the garment after an operation on my herniation. I’m very happy with my garments.


The FeelWell compression garments are wonderful! I would highly recommend them to any person who is losing weight or undergoing bariatric surgery. I feel so good in it, but more importantly, I have less back pain! Really, I would recommend them to anybody. Also, my fitting specialists was very friendly and professional.

Mr. Malek

It has been seven months since I had surgery for a gastric sleeve. I quickly went from 320 pounds to 200 pounds. I lost those 120 pounds in only six months. I am enjoying my life again and am less short of breath. While losing weight, I was afraid my skin would fall everywhere. Thanks to several custom-made garments from FeelWell, my skin is well maintained and has kept its elasticity! I highly recommend you use these custom-made compression garments; they are very useful. It takes some time to adapt to them, but after a week you get used to it. Now I miss my garment on the days I don’t wear it! Thanks a lot to my fitting specialist for all the support she provided during and after my surgery.


I’ve been wearing my FeelWell garment for two years. I had a lot of back pain, and my stomach was hurting me during my water aerobics training. I did not have bariatric surgery. First I got an abdominal support garment to wear every day. It has allowed me to wear clothes I couldn’t before, and it has done wonders for my self-image. I also got the garment with the skirt, which I love because it is easy to put on and I prefer to have my thighs hidden. Since wearing the garments, I have had less back pain and felt more supported.


I had bariatric surgery nine years ago. I’ve been wearing the FeelWell garment for six years. Since having the surgery, I have lost 425 pounds, and my body shape has changed significantly. The first thing I noticed about the garment is the support. Because it is custom made, it is form-fitted, and the hook-and-eye closing system has allowed me to adjust the garment as my body has changed. It has done wonders for my lower back pain and made exercise far more comfortable. I am able to wear the garment every day without feeling restricted, and wearing it under clothes helps separate my abdomen and hips which is very important aesthetically. I also have the garment with a skirt, which is very comfortable. It doesn’t look strange either. It’s just like a swimsuit.


I used to weigh 225 pounds. The FeelWell Compression garment supports my body. It’s tailor-made just for me! It’s incredibly easy to put on and adjust, thanks to my fitting specialist. I’ve since lost 50 pounds and had another garment made for physical activity. These garments are perfect for abdominal support and improving posture. I highly recommend them! Also, I’d like to thank my fitting specialist for her advice and support.

Father Albert

I wanted to write a few words to show my gratitude to the FeelWell team who made my abdominal support garment. I’ve had several surgeries, but I’ve never had a custom-made garment like this one. My doctor prescribed the garment to me in 2015. What a change! After my operation, my pain was reduced by at least 50% compared to my previous surgeries. I was able to stand up more easily. When I took my first steps in the hospital after the surgery, I felt like the operation was long behind me, but it had only been three days! I used to have a scar, but after wearing the garment every day the scar is very thin, and I can look at myself with pride! I couldn't be happier! Thank you, thank you.