Medically Proven

To Help You Feel Better

Over 2,000 Weight Loss Professionals Recommend FeelWell's Compression Garments

Compression garments have been scientifically proven to help overweight and obese patients reduce symptoms of pain and discomfort during their weight loss journey.

In order to maximize these benefits, it is critical that each part of the body being supported receives the right amount of compression. Otherwise, all the health benefits are reduced or completely negated. Not to mention, they are uncomfortable and inappropriate for daily wear.

FeelWell garments are custom made for each individual patient to provide the perfect amount of support and comfort. Our customers can wear their garments every day to improve their mobility and comfort during daily life and physical activity.

Plus, they can manage pain and other symptoms from bariatric surgery or herniation.

Get More from Your Exercise

Physical fitness is a critical part of any weight loss program. Overweight people trying to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine often struggle with pain and discomfort. This pain becomes worse as they continue to lose weight. The changes in their body reduce their balance and mobility because the excess skin is not properly supported.

FeelWell garments are engineered to help our customers get the most out of their physical fitness by supporting them in the areas they need it most. We offer a wide range of products to enhance the activity of those struggling with losing weight, recovering from bariatric surgery, or suffering from a hernia.

Compression Improves Your Exercise

Recover Faster and Get Better Results

For those recovering from bariatric or other surgery, compression garments make recovery quicker and more comfortable.

Excess Skin

Over 90% of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery suffer from excess skin.

Flabby Skin

Over 70% of bariatric surgery patients end up feeling dissatisfied with the outcome due to “flabby” skin.

Body Contouring Surgery

Fewer than 25% of patients undergo body contouring surgery due to the cost and lack of insurance coverage.

A Non-Surgical Alternative
Compression garments offer an affordable, non-surgical alternative to dealing with these common post-surgery issues. These garments gently press the excess skin back toward the body improving your mobility, self-confidence, and body image.
FeelWell Garments Offer Superior Hernia Support

A hernia is incredibly painful. Compression garments help those suffering manage their symptoms and enhance their daily lifestyle.

For patients who are ineligible or unwilling to undergo surgery to repair a hernia, the American College of Surgeons recommends compression treatment. Used correctly, a patient can achieve partial or complete control over a hernia.

FeelWell compression garments offer those suffering from a hernia a comfortable, non-surgical solution to manage their symptoms and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The Only Compression Garments for Plus-Sized People

FeelWell makes custom-made compression garments for people with unique or non-traditional body types. We have helped improve mobility, reduce pain, and improve the lifestyles of over 40,000 people around the globe.

Meet with a fitting specialist and order your garment today.