Superior Fit & Comfort

You Can Feel the Difference

FeelWell Compression garments are custom-made for each customer to guarantee a perfect fit. Plus, our garments are engineered from the ground up for optimal comfort. The smooth, silky fabric, adjustable features, and moisture control technology ensure that FeelWell’s garments are the most comfortable you’ll ever wear.

The Right Amount of Compression Where You Need it

Each of our customers has unique needs. Because we perform an in-person fitting for each customer, we can guarantee they will have just the right amount of compression in the places they need it most.

Professional Fitting Specialists

Our fitting specialists undergo three weeks of specialized training, where they measure over one hundred people of varying shapes and sizes. When you order a garment from FeelWell, you are guaranteed a perfect fit.

We also provide in-home measurements and fittings for a small service charge.

Smooth, Silky Fabric

Our fabrics are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. This makes our garments perfect for daily wear.

Hook and Eye Closure

Many of our customers wear compression garments to assist with weight loss. The hook-and-eye closure system allows them to maintain a perfect fit as they lose weight.

Moisture Control Fabric

Our fabrics are engineered to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. You can wear the garment all day without worrying about excessive sweating.

Quick and Easy

Our specialists take up to 21 precise measurements in under 20 minutes.

Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

We offer a 100% fit guarantee. If the garment doesn’t fit perfectly, we’ll make you a new one. Fewer than 3% of our customers return their garment for any reason including improper fit, manufacturing issue, or dramatic change in size between fitting and receipt of the garment.

Need a Second Garment? No problem.

If you need compression wear for multiple purposes, such as daily use and exercise, you will get 20% off your second garment when you order within one week!