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FeelWell offers a bespoke service to any individual seeking a high quality compression garment designed for their own unique body type.  FeelWell is the only company to focus specifically on individuals with overweight and obesity. FeelWell Fitting Specialists™ are extensively trained to take up to 21 measurements on any body shape or BMI. These measurements mean that the garment will be comfortable to wear while offering the right amount of compression for different areas of the body. At the consultation, the fitting specialist will also discuss the unique features and customise the garment to suit your needs.


FeelWell compression garments can be customised with several unique features designed to help with a range of needs. For example, daily wear, exercise, after bariatric surgery, hernia support and swimming. FellWell is the only manufacturer to provide custom made compression swimwear. Swimming has many benefits and is low-impact meaning it puts less pressure on the joints compared to other forms of exercise (e.g. running, walking). The swimwear is still a compression garment and so offers the benefits of increased mobility, improvement in posture and better silhouette.



All garments are created from durable, high performance materials that won’t wear out from daily use or frequent washing. Fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking and OKEO-TEX certified for non-allergy. FeelWell provides a 100% fit guarantee meaning once the garment is made but doesn’t fit properly, a new one will be created at no extra cost. Furthermore, all garments include a 1 year Warranty period.

See our Warranty and Care here:  Instructions

Yes. FeelWell specialises in providing a bespoke service to individuals who have overweight or obesity. There is no BMI limit because FeelWell Fitting Specialists™ are extensively trained to take up to 21 measurements on any body shape or BMI.

Yes. FeelWell can custom make compression sleeves, compression shorts or compression stockings and as these are custom made too. As such, they will be more comfortable than ready-made options.

Yes, we have a separate range of garments for men.


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Yes. Compression has several benefits and Feelwell can designed garments for children and teenagers.

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Our garments are beneficial for pre-surgery, post-surgery and non-surgery patients. Some of the way they can help are:

  • Weight loss – FeelWell compression garments promote mobility and reduce pain and can be adjusted as weight is lost.
  • Hernia – garments with features unique to supporting hernias can be suitable for individuals waiting for hernia surgery or those who do not wish to have surgery at all.
  • Excess skin – garments with features unique for post-bariatric surgery are designed to effectively support rapid weight loss. The garment will support the skin, reduce pain, improve silhouette and can be adjusted as weight is lost.
  • Self-esteem without compromising on comfort – garments that can not only help to improve silhouette but because every garment is custom made to suit your body, they can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time.

Yes. A key feature that can be customisable is the closing system which is provided at  no extra cost. FeelWell Fitting Specialists™ can help you customise a closing system to best suit your needs.


You can contact Feelwell either by phone or email to schedule a fitting test so that the Fitting Specialist that take measurements and design a compression garment that fits you perfectly.


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Unfortunately not. Measurements need to be taken by our expert fitters which is done at the consultation. This way FeelWell can ensure a 100% fit.

Not at all, just contact FeelWell.

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If you are unsure, not to worry. FeelWell Fitting Specialists™ will take you through all the garments and pick a design with features that are appropriate for what you need.

  • All garments are durable, easily machine washable and needs to be air dried. Having more than 1 garment gives you the flexibility to wear one while the other is being washed or dried.
  • You may want to have garments with different features for different occasions (e.g. one for exercise and one to wear under a dress/shirt for an evening out).

You do not need to go through your doctor. You can contact FeelWell directly and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


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The average cost of a bodysuit is $399. Accessories range from $59 to $99.

We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to find out about reimbursement. Unfortunately, we do not process medical insurance claims at the moment.

  • Credit card / Debit card
  • Paypal
  • Checks
  • Cash

We are working on having some financing options available soon. Currently, payment is required in full once the measurement session has been completed.

You pay directly to FeelWell and no payments should be made to the doctor.

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You do not need to go through your doctor. You can contact FeelWell directly and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


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Customer satisfaction and returns

If the garment doesn’t fit correctly or there is a manufacturing defect or material flaw, FeelWell will provide a replacement garment for free. For more information, click here.

We are confident that our compression garment will fit you regardless of your unique body shape and type. FeelWell Fitting Specialist™ are well trained and take up to 21 measurements. Once the garment is made,  teh fitting specialist will help you try on the garment for the first time. If it doesn’t fit properly, we will remake the garment at no extra cost.

Ready-made garments can be ill-fitting because of their pre-made sizes. This can, for example, provide uneven compression across the body, roll up or become uncomfortable. Without the right fit, compression garments can become uncomfortable, reduce mobility, reduce quality of life and potentially lead to health problems including tissue necrosis or pressure damage (Miller 2017). The right fit is also important for you to feel comfortable and ensure you keep wearing the garment. At FeelWell, we strongly believe in this and that’s why we tailor make our garments to fit you.

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The garment will help you on your weight loss journey. It will help to increase your mobility by alleviating pressure on the joints and knee. Its also adjustable so as you lose weight, the garment can be adjusted which can serve as a motivator to achieving your weight loss goals.

A compression garment is necessary after bariatric surgery to help with tissue healing. Soon after the surgery, its very common to wear an abominable binder. About 10 days after surgery, a compression garment will be highly beneficial as it provides back support and helps to support any excess skin that will occur from the rapid weight loss.  A unique feature of this garment is that it can be easily adjusted as weight is lost.

The FeelWell garment that supports hernias has a unique design that will ensure that the abominable core wall is supported correctly. The garment is made to mimic the different muscle contractions of the core wall. This will help reduce pain associated with the hernia and help protect from further herniation especially if you undertake strong physical activity.

A custom made compression garment helps to redistribute the weight and readjust the centre of gravity. Without the garment it is common for the excess abdominal weight to pull the body forward thus pulling and straining the back muscles. Wearing a garment helps to improve posture reduce tension in back.

The garments are not a cure for fungal infection. Wearing non-breathable garments can cause infections. Our garments are made from breathable fabrics that are OKEO-TEX 100 certified and easily machine washable which means you can clean it with minimal hassle. Also, by applying the right compression, you limit the amount of skin folds thereby reducing the moisture formation and stagnation.

FeelWell compression garments promote more physical activity by improving mobility. Wearing our garments will help to alleviate joint and back pain and provide the right amount of compression where it is needed. The garments are custom made and thus comfortable as its designed for your body. They can also be adjusted as weight is lost which can help as a motivator to achieve weight loss goals. The exercise garments comfortable fit under clothing or can be worn by itself.

The fabrics are made of 70% polyamide and 30% elastane. The fabrics are breathable, durable and high quality and do not stretch after machine washing. Fabrics are certified for non-allergy having a OKEO-TEX 100 certification.

No. All our garments are certified for non-allergy having a OKEO-TEX 100 certification. They are free from latex, silicone and Formaldehyde. Nevertheless, there is always a small risk of developing a small rash depending on your skin sensitivity. In case of any aggravated symptoms, remove your garment and consult a doctor.

Yes. You can choose to customize any garment to include a crotch opening.

There are several choices of closing systems available and can be customised depending on the purpose of the garment. For example, Velcro is  used at the crotch and the shoulders. Zippers are used on the body/trunk of the garment making it easier to put on/take off. A Hook-and-eye is placed on either side of the trunk to allow for the garment to be adjusted easily as weight is lost.

Our garments can be adjusted to accommodate even rapid weight loss using the Hook-and-eye closing system. It’s simple to adjust and wear.

The garments are machine washable and should be air-dried. Please see the warranty and care instructions here

There is no limitation on how frequently you should wear it. Our garments are custom-made so they will feel comfortable after extended use compared to ready-made garments.

Unless required by your doctor, we recommend removing the garment before going to bed.

FeelWell has clients from all over the world including warm places such as the Caribbean. Even though it is still another layer of clothes, all our garments are made with a high quality fabric comprised of 70% polyamide and 30% elastane. The fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking while offering optimal compression.

Our fabrics are breathable and moisture-wicking while offering optimal compression. They are made of high quality fabrics that won’t wear out from daily use and frequent washing. All our garments must be air-dried to avoid shrinking or stretching risks. Please see the warranty and care instructions here

This is very complex and its difficult to provide a generic yet accurate number. It depends on your morphology, how you lose weight and how you care for the garment to name a few. The garment though can accommodate rapid weight loss as it can have up to 12 rows of hook-and-eye meaning 12 rows of adjustment.

The hook-and-eye is easy to adjust. Before wearing the garment, you just need to match up the rows of hooks on either side of the garment. You do not need to remove all hooks in order to put the garment on and off.


Measurements are taken by FeelWell Fitting Specialists™  and take up to 21 measurements. This will ensure the garment fits you well and applies the right amount of compression across the body. As part of this consultation, the fitting specialist will also guide you through the unique features and all the customisable options so that you can have the garment that best suits your needs.

The average duration of the appointment is 30mins.

There are 4 options available:

  • A FeelWell Fitting Specialist™ can come to your office to meet with and measure your patient
  • Refer the patient using the prescription sheet to the nearest FeelWell authorized retailer.
  • The patient can come directly to the FeelWell Office in Arlington, VA
  • The FeelWell Fitting Specialist™ can visit the patient’s home though this will incur an additional cost.

Unfortunately not. FeelWell guarantees the perfect fit and to achieve this, have extensively trained fitting specialists to take your measurements. They are trained to take measurements of any body type and BMI and will also guide you through the unique features of the garment to best match your needs. This is the only way FeelWell can provide the 100% fit guarantee.

We recommend comfortable clothing.

This is to ensure the right fit. We want to ensure that you are completely happy with the garment and that it fits you correctly. If it doesn’t, FeelWell will remake the garment for free.

This will depend on the usage, care and purpose of the garment. FeelWell includes a 1-year warranty on all custom made garments and use only high quality fabric to ensure durability. Garments can be washed and worn repeatedly without wearing out.


See here for the warranty and care instructions

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