[vc_row][vc_column][movedo_single_image image_mode=”portrait” image=”17719″][movedo_empty_space][vc_column_text]39 years of age and suffering from morbid obesity, I had two bariatric surgeries in 20 years: the first with a gastric band in 2001, the second in emergency in 2010. As a result, 220 pounds lost and all back and skin’s issues attached to it.

As a member of the OBN association (in France – autor’s note), I met Obesinov this year during a presentation of their garments. I would have liked to meet them before! I had a tummy tuck, but the support garment I wore at the time of my surgery compressed and injured me too much. The underwiring were too wide and straight down into my ribs, hips and pelvis. The velcro fastener of the crotch was too wide as well and square shaped, protruding and cutting my thighs inside. The fabrics were rigid, preventing simple movements, with no appeal… In short, I saw only inconveniences in my case. I still suffer from excess skin and weakness in my upper abdominal area. My daily activities as CEO, mother, wife and sportswoman are complicated. My intestines being less held, I have painful grip and twist issues.

The solution? Change the garment. I chose two Obesinov models while waiting for any surgical maintenance to remedy my problem. One in black mesh, lightweight, taking the whole back, has three settings and a back lining also adjustable in height and width. The sides fasten with hooks and the back lining by velcro.

This garment is very enjoyable for physical activity. The size of the velcro and the neckline help to move easily without being confined or injured. The mesh is flexible and lets breathe the skin, with great support. The back and the shoulders are really well supported, allowing the right postures in sports and avoiding injuries. Note that wearing lingerie underneath is not necessary thanks to a removable and washable protection piece at the crotch.

My second garment is shorter, without going up the back but just to the shoulder straps, with an elastic back lining adjustable by velcro. It is made of a very soft synthetic fabric, tightly knit for support, and has a fastening at the sides by hooks and a velcro at the crotch. It is suitable for one day physical activity without much effort. It is soft, satin touch, available in several colors, like the other model. I took it chocolate, very feminine. Under dresses and tight clothes, even with a back support brace, it stays discreet. I can only recommend them to you!

How to get these garments? Contact Obesinov who will put you in contact with a fitting specialist to book an appointment with. During your appointment, the fitting specialist will take your measurements, explain you how to put the garment on, take it off and wash it easily through a laundry net. A fortnight after your measurements, you will be contacted again to pick it up and try it to be sure it fits you and has no flaws.

Translated from french[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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